Orinoco Communications is a digital media agency that specialises in the communication of research and innovation. 

If you are looking to increase the wider impact of your ideas and take your research to new audiences - public, policymakers, academics or industry - we can help you do that with a clear communications strategy that utilises the power of digital and social media.

We work with some of the world’s most renowned research organisations to boost engagement with their ideas through animations, social videos, infographics, web design and podcasts that are accessible, engaging and shareable.

Whatever type of content you want, we understand that true engagement is all about sparking a conversation between specialists and stakeholders, so we focus on an approach that not only tells your story but invites a response in return.

Working with the Orinoco Communications team has been a real pleasure. Their enthusiasm, rigor, tenacity and artistic ability are exemplary. From the earliest phases of development they have shown great creativity in making challenging scientific concepts accessible to the wider public. Their experience provides unparalleled support throughout the journey of content creation, from conception through to final delivery.
— Dr Rickie Patani, Group Leader of UCL Patani Laboratory, Francis Crick Institute
The videos are absolutely brilliant and will be a great addition to the website. I still can’t watch the Patient Story films without a tear in my eye, and everyone I have shown them to is the same. You have caught the emotion, tragedy and optimism brilliantly.
— Professor Sir Doug Turnbull, Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research

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