The Patani Lab

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One of our most satisfying, ongoing collaborations has been with UCL's Patani Lab, where Dr Rickie Patani and his team are using stems cells to investigate the causes of Motor Neurone Disease.

They came to us in 2015 seeking help with their public engagement efforts. They were looking to open up a dialogue with members of the public, as well as MND patients and their carers, in order to communicate and guide the research that is being carried out in the lab.

Website and Logo

The first thing they needed was an online presence. Up to this point the only information available online came through Rickie's own university page which was rather dry and academic in style and tone.

As with all of our projects we started the process with a lengthy discussion with the lab team to ascertain what they wanted their digital content to achieve. We came up with the following goals:

1) To make the lab's research accessible and understandable to patients and the public.

2) To introduce members of the team to the public.

3) To promote the excitement of scientific research to those interested in a career in science.

The final website design addressed all of these needs, including elements such as a 'Meet the Researchers' page and a 'Latest From the Lab' section that could be used for blog posts and general lab news.

YouTube Channel

The team was also keen to harness the power of video content. 

We suggested that creating a YouTube channel for the lab would be the best approach, so we designed a channel that would address serious science but in a fun, informal and engaging way.

Since the channel was established we have created animated explainer videos, short documentaries about public engagement projects, Meet the Researchers content and videos highlighting the lab's recent research findings.

Social Media

All of the video content has been designed to drive maximum engagement on the lab's social media channels, which we designed. We also provided the lab with strategic advice on ways to build an engaged community through social media, initiating ideas such as a monthly Twitter Takeover in which members of the lab would take it in turns to take over the Patani Lab Twitter account for a week each month to give followers a glimpse behind the scenes of life in a stem cell research facility.