The Francis Crick Institute

Event Films

The Francis Crick Institute is the largest biomedical laboratory in Europe. It acts as a vibrant hub for 1500 scientists from all over the world, working on a range of pioneering research projects. Public Engagement is a huge part of what the Crick does and as part of their engagement efforts they plan regular events where they open the doors, letting the general public come and mingle with the scientists. The Crick's public engagement team asked us to come and film their Crick Lates and Discovery Day events to record the interactions between public and scientists and to help promote future events.

Our main goal was to capture the spirit of these occasions which were all about fun, excitement and curiosity.


The Crick is trying to build its engagement on Instagram so in addition to the main videos that we made for their website and Facebook page we also made shorter square format trailers to push out on their Instagram feeds.