British Association For Sexual Health & HIV

In 2017 BASHH put on a series of events commemorating the centenary of the VD Act, a landmark piece of legislation that revolutionised sexual healthcare in the UK. They asked us to create a film highlighting some of the key moments of sexual healthcare provision over the past 100 years, celebrating the great strides we have made since the beginning of the 20th century.

Telling The Story

It is never easy to condense a long, rich history into a couple of minutes, so our first goal was to highlight the most important and dramatic events that encapsulate this story and convert them into a script that would bring those stories to life in a visually compelling way.

Collage Cutouts

At the same time as writing the script we were devising a style of animation what would best suit this subject. We had access to some fantastic archive imagery and we wanted to make use of it in the film, so we developed a collage style of animation that created scenes from cut-out imagery.

It is a versatile style that allows for a certain amount of playfulness, and although much of the story was very serious BASHH wanted us to create something that was also also light and celebratory in tone, so as not to feel too earnest or gloomy.

Real Voices

The story of sexual healthcare is full of key events but it also includes many deeply personal stories. So we thought it was important to include some kind of personal testimony in the film. That's why we recorded an audio interview with an HIV patient, in which she recounted the moving story of her husband's death to AIDs in the mid-1990s. AnnMarie's interview really lifted the animation beyond a simple historical narrative and gave it a real personal depth.